Nine Variations on the Idea of Street Music

By W. Scott Olsen, from North Dakota Quarterly

If no one is really listening, who is the street performance for?

African American Women as Victims of Violence

By Cheryl L. Neely

How do news stories affect our perception of crimes against women from different racial backgrounds?

Online Comment: Likers, Haters and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web

By Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.

Explore how online comment can inform, improve, manipulate, alienate, shape and perplex us, shedding context in their passage through the Internet, prompting readers to comment in turn, “WTF?”

Fall 2015 Utne Reader Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Fall 2015


The Other Americans: Poverty in the United States

By Monica Potts, from Democracy

Instead of pitying the poor, we should feel a sense of kinship that leads to empathy.

Many Alarm Clocks: A Workaholic Reflects on Deadlines, Balance and the Afterlife

By Sy Safransky

The founder and editor of “The Sun,” Sy Safransky, ruminates on love and loss, faith and doubt, writing and not writing.

Spring 2015 Utne Reader Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Spring 2015

The Personal Cost of Computer Technologies

By Christina Crook

Engaging with the vast amount of computer technologies has cost humans their attention spans, free-time and, in some cases, relationships.

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