From the Stacks: Ryerson Review of Journalism

| 5/12/2008 12:17:23 PM

Ryerson Review of JournalismThe Toronto-based Ryerson Review of Journalism may be geared toward Canadian media wonks, but there's something in the new issue for media critics of all stripes. Four features focus on international reporting, including an essay on the macho culture of war zone reporters, who are often unwilling to admit the psychological toll of covering war; another is aptly titled “Why Canadian reporters sent to Moscow will never understand the country’s soul.” That doesn’t bode well for aspiring foreign correspondents, but the story is an interesting look at how Russia’s government and citizenry alike are increasingly close-lipped. A few Canada-specific stories have wider appeal as well. Those include a profile of the late art documentary filmmaker Harry Rasky and a discussion of women in top magazine editorial positions, which doubles as a quick overview for the uninitiated American (me) of the Canadian magazine landscape.