Good News For People Who Like Real Music

| 3/5/2008 10:37:10 AM

RadioA new low-power FM station out east offers hope for music geeks, DIY broadcasters, and those of us who’ve had it with the corporate radio–favored mix of crappy pop songs and Steve Miller Band ditties. Vermont LPFM community radio station 105.9 The Radiator began broadcasting in September, after a seven-year journey to the airwaves.

Burlington’s alt-weekly Seven Days reports on how two dedicated scenesters dreamed up the idea for a noncommercial, low-power FM station committed to showcasing homegrown Vermont talent and then sustained the project’s momentum through the years. Today, the station broadcasts more than 50 local-interest shows. Wednesday evenings play host to Rocket Shop, an all-local program packed with Vermont-made music and live in-studio performances. The quirky Poli-Sci-Fi Radio airs on Sunday evenings, following an hour of music and poetry drawn exclusively from Burlington’s public library.

For another local radio success story, check out “Really Fresh Air,” a profile of Twin Cities public radio station 89.3 The Current, from the March-April edition of Utne Reader.

Jason Ericson

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