Greet Your Husband With a Terrorist Fist Jab

| 6/10/2008 11:13:33 AM

obamas bumpFor more head-clutchingly inane evidence of what apparently passes for political analysis at Fox News, I’d like to thank Daily Kos for alerting us to the network’s fair and balanced examination of Barack and Michelle Obama’s now-famous fist-bump last week—or “pound,” as those crazy kids are calling it these days—courtesy of aspiring semiotician E.D. Hill, who introduces the segment by suggesting that the gesture might be a “terrorist fist jab.” She then consults a “body language expert” to shed some light on the meaning behind the bump/thump/pound/jab/terrorist-call-to-arms. Hill’s side of the conversation can be best summarized thusly: “Golly! Who knows the mysterious significance of these bizarre rituals committed by popular culture, with which I am so laughably out of touch!”

Image by Chad Davis, licensed under Creative Commons. 

6/12/2008 4:23:01 PM

Ha! That's not even an apology! I agree, that's a non-apology apology!

6/12/2008 8:28:53 AM

As an update, the terrorist fist jab anchor (kind of) apologized: It's my favorite non-apology apology: "I'm sorry if anyone mis-characterized my statements."

Heidi Girl
6/10/2008 10:21:48 PM

what was it that JFK Jr was so fond of saying....."Must have been a slow news day for them to report this!" I think the media is SO focused on the candidates that no matter WHAT they do, they will be ripped to shreds by someone trying to decide what the underlying meaning was. They decide there MUST be an underlying meaning to just about everything. I'll pay good money to see, just once, a candidate stop during a speech, tug on their ear three times, and then continue speaking. The the media will have a hey day with that one.

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