How Facebook Helps People with Disabilities

| 9/15/2009 4:27:14 PM

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For some people, photos on Facebook of wheelchair users having fun, dating, and living a normal life is enough to dispel stereotypes of people with disability. Writing for New Mobility, Jean Dobbs profiles the ways that people with disabilities are using Facebook to date, promote disability organizations, and to advance their careers. Artist Carolyn Stanley Anderson tells the magazine, “It makes us visible in a way that wasn't available before.” 

Source: New Mobility 

9/22/2009 3:55:46 AM

Social networking sites have been not only an aid but also an unadorned way on how people can communicate with their colleagues, meet new people and socialize with them through networking sites—taking Facebook as a popular example. It is an advantage for those people who has disabilities to do things that normal person can, isn’t it good? As what the Carolyn Stanley Anderson says, “It makes us visible in a way that wasn't available before” which in fact was true. See whole comment here: