How Many Words Do You See in a Day?

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According to a post on the Guardian’sdigital technology blog, “news sites average around 450 links on their homes pages, whereas 10 years ago they averaged just 12 links per home page.” And you’re probably clicking on those links. What does it all mean? The New York Times interface specialist and lead researcher, Nick Bilton, spells it out:

If you pick up a US or UK newspaper you’ll see four to six stories on the front page and maybe eight to 10 refers to other stories, that’s an average total of 12 headlines on one page. In contrast, the average news website has 335 story or section links on their homepage. So we’re showing people online 300 more options on one page than we show them in print. And we wonder why people have information overload of content.

…It is a fascinating fact is that if you go online and visit 200 web pages in one day–which is a simple task when you could email, blogs, Youtube, etc.–you’ll see on average 490,000 words; War & Peace was only 460,000 words.

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