How to Make Your Own Zine



There’s never a bad time to publish a zine—but here in Minneapolis it is undoubtedly a perfect moment. This weekend marks the Twin Cities Zinefest, an exhibition of more than 40 zine publishers and artists. These reputable defenders of the small press may have honed their methods over many years, but zine-making is fundamentally an amateur’s game.

Zine-making is as easy or elaborate as you make it. Start with the supplies—for a basic zine, all you’ll need is a pen, paper, glue and a pair of scissors.  From there, the possibilities are endless. Honesty, self-expression and personal satisfaction are the only core values of zine-production according to the “Cut & Paste” mini-documentary.


Once you’ve mastered the process, why not follow Broken Pencil's guide to set up a DIY screen-printing press and make your zine even more memorable? No matter how you cut and paste your zine, we can’t wait to read it. Seriously. Send it here:

Utne Reader
ATTN: Librarian
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Minneapolis, MN 55403

Unlike blogs, zines are tactile, unique and timeless. And despite the popularity of online publishing tools, as Utne Reader’s former librarian Danielle Maestretti wrote in 2007, the zine-scene is here to stay.

7/26/2010 7:57:39 PM

This is why Utne is my favorite magazine.

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