Meet Your Utne Reader Librarian

| 2/4/2009 10:49:49 AM

Tags: Media, independent media, Utne Reader library, alternative press, zines, Cuba, Terrapin turtles, punk rock, letterpress, Creative Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Microcosm Publishing, ECW Press, Chesapeake Quarterly, Shelf Life, Danielle Maestretti,

Utne Reader librarian Danielle Maestretti shares the highlights (and occasional lowlights) of what’s landing in our library each week in ‘From the Stacks.’ 

Utne’s library is abuzz with a steady flow of 1,300 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies, zines, and other lively dispatches from the cultural front that are rarely found at big-box bookstores, or newsstands.

Featured in this week's video:

- Brazil's "Lambe Lambe" tradition, profiled in Creative Review 

- A Virginia Quarterly Review report on depression and suicide rates in Cuba 

- The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book from ECW Press 

2/12/2009 3:15:14 PM

Thanks for the video trip to Utne-land! With cute turtles, too!

2/5/2009 2:46:02 PM

Enjoyed your first Stacks video and am looking forward to many others. Found myself researching "zines", had not heard the term before.

2/4/2009 12:52:30 PM

ooh la la, every library needs a well maintained cataglog and librarian...