Aspen, Pop-Up, and the Multimedia Magazine

When reading a magazine becomes a communal event.

| Fall 2014

  • "A magazine is defined less by the nature of its contents than by its function as a container. The fact that this repository happened to take the form of a set of bound pages for several hundred years is not necessarily, therefore, a natural or innate feature of the magazine."
    Illustration by CargoCollective/EugeniaLoli

"By unbinding our magazine, letting it run free in its box, there’s no end to our three-dimensional ideas. In short, you don’t simply read Aspen ... you hear it, hang it, feel it, fly it, even sniff it!"

— Advertisement for Aspen magazine, 1968

"Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Nothing will arrive in your mailbox. Nothing will go online. Nothing will be filmed or recorded. An issue exists for one night, in one place."

—, 2013

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