Old-School Journalists Do the Google


Series of tubesFinally, a social networking site aimed at the cranky old-school reporters who were forever bitching about “those Internets,” until they realized they were on the verge of losing their jobs to a bunch of 20-somethings with Facebook accounts who are willing to work for a Jimmy John’s sandwich and a free Internet connection. Ryan Sholin, of blogosphere renown, took pity on them and created Wired Journalists.com to help them learn about The Google. And judging from the turnout on the message board, it’s working. Onward, crusty journalists!

Morgan Winters

Image by monoglot, licensed under Creative Commons.

Ryan Sholin
2/21/2008 8:37:51 AM

Ha. Pity. Not exactly, but I can tell you read the Gawker post about the site ;) I'm not sure where the old vs. young meme is coming from, but it's false. Many of the 'wired' journalists in the network have many more years of experience in online news than I do, and many of the 'non-wired' are fresh-faced young'ns who don't know Twitter from Flickr, but own a cell phone that shoots video. Where credit is due: Howard Owens and Zac Echola are the co-founders of WiredJournalists.com along with myself. Thanks for the links! http://www.ryansholin.com

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