Shelf Life: Feminist Blogs

| Mar.-Apr. 2008

What follows is a roundup of some of the blogs I found most intriguing in exploring the feminist blogosphere for the article Feminism 2.0; it is by no means inclusive. I’ve placed the blogs in categories for ease of use, though of course many are much broader than their headings suggest. I’ve tried to include only blogs that update fairly regularly.

Something missing? Post suggestions in your comments, and I’ll happily add others to the list.

Community / Group Blogs
Alas, A Blog

Feminist Law Professors
Feminist Review
WIMN’s Voices
Women’s Voices for Change

WoC (Women of Color) Blogs
La Chola 
The Angry Black Woman 
Diary of an Anxious Black Woman 
Muslimah Media Watch 
My Private Casbah 
Problem Chylde  
The Silence of Our Friends 
Having Read The Fine Print...... 
blac (k) ademic 

UK Feminist Blogs
The F-Word 
Mind the Gap

Penny Red

Health and Reproductive Issues
Women’s Health News 
RH Reality Check 
Our Bodies, Our Blog 
Radical Doula 
The Well-Timed Period