Shelf Life: Why We Make Art, Toxic Prison Labor, Rethinking Aid to Africa, and More

| 3/4/2009 2:40:17 PM

Tags: Media, Independent Press, Utne library, Greater Good, The Progressive, Standpoint, Living Bird, Danielle Maestretti,

Utne Reader librarian Danielle Maestretti shares the highlights (and occasional lowlights) of what's landing in our library each week. Utne's library is abuzz with a steady flow of 1,300 magazines, journals,weeklies, zines, and other dispatches from the independent press.

Featured in this week’s episode:

- "Why we make art," from Greater Good 

- The Progressive on toxic computer-recycling programs at federal prisons (not yet available online)

- Dambisa Moyo, outspoken critic of aid to Africa, in the conservative British magazine Standpoint 

- Pretty birds in Botswana, courtesy of Living Bird (not yet available online)