Step Right Up to the Cyber Carnival

By Staff
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It may come as a bit of a surprise to the denizens of cyberspace that there are still those living in a world defined by three dimensions. And these 3D-living dinosaurs still spend long summer evenings at real carnivals with Ferris wheels and carnies, eating cotton candy and peeing in biffies. These happy carnival-goers, relishing their moments of old-timey fun, are equally unaware of what passes for a carnival in the blogosphere. Unlike the carnivals of yore, where people became so sick from fried food and roller coasters that their bloated bodies and sugar-numbed minds were rendered useless, blog carnivals actually make life easier by pointing readers to interesting posts on a central topic. The blog carnival we’ve been attending lately is the Carnival of Journalism, a monthly round-up of experienced media writers who offer industry analysis and helpful advice for journalists.

Morgan Winters

Image by Svenstorm, licensed under Creative Commons.

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