The 1996 UIPA Winners

Utne Reader’s 8th annual alternative press awards

| July-August 1996

UPDATE: Visit the winners of the 2010 Utne Independent Press Awards.

For 8 years Utne Reader has recognized excellence in alternative and independent magazine publishing through its Alternative Press Awards. The Awards are a distinction made by our staff to celebrate the seldom recognized efforts of the alternative press, and as a service to our readers who want to know about alternatives to mass media magazine publishing. These awards honor individual publications that especially impressed our editorial staff during the previous year.

The awards are not the result of a competition; they emerge from the extensive reading our staff does as part of the process of producing Utne Reader. Our editors read many hundreds of alternative and independent titles looking for articles and ideas that are interesting, timely, well-written, and thought-provoking.

GENERAL EXCELLENCE (Circulation over 50,000)
Mother Jones
Editor in Chief: Jeffrey Klein
Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, this hard-hitting bimonthly continues to be one of the most influential forces in the alternative press. Klein attributes the magazine’s success to the passion of the editorial team, which, he says, hasn’t succumbed to the “cynicism masquerading as professionalism” that dominates current journalism.

GENERAL EXCELLENCE (Circulation 10,000 - 50,000)
Index on CensorshipEditor: Ursula Owen
This important British digest takes us around the world to examine the never-ending attacks on freedom of the press. The magazine is an intriguing blend of essays, photographs, and infographics, all of which remind us that freedom and freedom of the press are inextricably linked.

GENERAL EXCELLENCE (Circulation under 10,000)
Grand StreetEditor: Jean Stein
Influenced by the zine revolution, this avant-garde literary journal integrates concern about contemporary political issues with a keen desire to push art forward. Each issue of Grand Street explores a different theme and gives us a feel of how life really is: beautiful, frightening, and sometimes very strange.