The American Conservative in the Age of Obama

| 6/4/2009 2:45:27 PM

Throughout the Bush years, the American Conservative was one of the few voices on the right that consistently stood up to the war-mongering neocon rule. Founded by Pat Buchanan, the magazine is consistently thought provoking (sometimes maddening), and garnered a nomination for best political coverage in the 2009 Utne Independent Press Awards.

Last month, the magazine nearly folded. Writing for Campus Progress, Daniel Strauss profiled the American Conservative and its efforts to stay independent from the right and the left. The magazine now operates as a nonprofit, and has recently published articles by both left wing blogger Matthew Yglesias and right-wing blogger Steve Sailer. I may not always agree with the magazine, but it’s good to know they’ll be around for a while.

Sources: The American ConservativeCampus Progress 

Fritz Margaret
6/13/2009 12:10:23 AM

Actor Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie's father, has become rather active in Republican causes. Jon Voight has gone ahead and jumped right into the deep end of the pool of insanity. At a recent GOP fundraiser, at which Jon Voight was a keynote speaker, he went on a tirade wherein he denounced President Obama as a false prophet, and that he was ruining this country amongst other things. The fundraiser, which is held annually, has seen a drop in revenue over the last few years, even though the other speaker was Newt Gingrich – perhaps the Republicans need a fast loan. Sarah Palin had been rumored to make an appearance, but she declined, and it sounds like it was the right idea, with fewer giving an online loan and Jon Voight babbling on ad absurdum. CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE:

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