Film Review: The Loneliest Planet

The Loneliest Planet, Julia Loktev’s new art film rich in breathtaking landscapes, explores a young couple’s journey through the Caucasus Mountains.

| May/June 2012

  • The Loneliest Planet
    The Loneliest Planet (in theaters on Aug. 24, 2012; IFC Films)

  • The Loneliest Planet

An innocent hiking adventure for two young lovers in the Caucasus Mountains turns into a subtle, seething battle of the sexes in Julia Loktev’s exquisite new art film. Mexican heartthrob Gael Garcia Bernal and startling redheaded Israeli actress Hani Furstenberg play the paramours who hire a Georgian guide to take them climbing across the precipitous terrain.

Punctuated by beautiful landscape shots and intimate interludes, the film hinges on a brief, tumultuous (and ever-so-slightly comical) turning point that irrevocably shifts the dynamics among the three characters. A complex tale of love, disenchantment, and gender roles, The Loneliest Planet makes for existential and alluring viewing.

Susan Eggum
11/25/2012 12:13:13 AM

The Loneliest Planet is not a movie about existentialism, or the battle of the sexes, or a trek turned ugly, or a whole host of other suggestions from viewers about what they saw when they watched this movie. The movie eventually confronts the fact most of the planets' social and cultural norm is that the maile is the ruler, rule maker and protector of all things. Actually, people are, instead, And if people are stripped consicously, or by a moment of crisis, down to just who they are, then, well, what a surprise --- rulers, rule makers and the protectors of all things can come in all packages REGARDLESS of gender. But, then there is the diffullt process of tyring to make that life style and life thought transition when pretty much everyone else around you, aka the world, is stuck where you were. (Oh, and another interesting fact: women can be all those things AND and like to lay in their back and enjoy some good sex, too). Everyone can have it all. Wow, what a revolution, at least for some. Thanks to all those that made this movie for those that could use seeing it what it is.

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