Telling the Truth About Health Care Reform

| 8/18/2009 9:44:20 AM

Hospital IVWith the public option clinging to life and the health care debate drowning in a sea of hyperbole and lies, efforts to insert truth and nuance into the debate are constant, if not entirely successful.

Morning Edition spent eight minutes debunking myths about Britain's National Health Service in, which Republican Congressman Charles Grassley says would kill Ted Kennedy if it could only get its hands on him.

The Daily Dish has collected all of its View from Your Sickbed posts in one place. This moving series of posts from Daily Dish readers is as damning an indictment of the current sytem as any I've seen.

Foreign Policy takes the side door into the debate, placing a summary of the decisions that have shaped the current U.S. health care system at the end of a list of the world's worst healthcare reforms.

Meanwhile, the battle to discredit the Obama "death panels" rages. A new poll finds that 57% of Republicans either believe or are "not sure" about the truth of claims that President Obama and supporters of health care would murder the terminally ill. Thank you (again) Sarah Palin.

Sources: Morning EditionDaily DishForeign Policy 

Tom Hendricks
8/20/2009 9:58:24 AM

The health care issue is an important line in the sand. The mainstream media has to choose between reporting what the readers want to hear - example the single payer system, or go the corporate route and support their advertisers with soft or misleading health care news. No other issue has forced the media to choose as clearly as this one. So far they have chosen for big business and against readers. I think in a way this is a Rubicon for big media. And they will have a hard time justifying their behavior. Perhaps this will usher in the new, better, more fair and open, media that we need.

8/20/2009 6:03:29 AM

Killing health care reform has always been easier than creating consensus (especially if you're willing to demagogue the issue with "death panels"). But amid all the screaming, here's a point that adds important contextual ballast: Americans don't really think their health care is so hot. People wonder who is behind the town hall riots when anyone discusses health care reform, or Obamacare – the answer is Conservatives for Patients' Rights. Conservatives for Patients Rights, or the CPR, is headed by one Rick Scott – who isn't a doctor – but used to be the CEO of a hospital, and under his watch, his medical administration defrauded Medicare of $1.7 billion through a practice called upcoding, wherein a Medicare patient gets treated, but Medicare is billed for additional tests that never took place. (That's fraud.) Realistically, Conservatives for Patients Rights and Mr. Scott will never need short term loans, and the only reason why they oppose the bill is that they want the money from the program for themselves. Read more click

Kit Kellison
8/19/2009 1:16:46 PM

Sarah Palin is obviously throwing sick Americans under the bus by her decision to shill full-time for the insurance industry. How many people will suffer and die as a direct consequence of her selfish, immoral and unpatriotic behavior? If there is a hell, she's going to twist over a spit for eternity. I hope we get photos of that from Cheney's iPhone. Kit in St. Louis

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