The Utne Reader 100

The 100 publications we've cited most often through the years

| July-August 2000

We’ve pored through our old issues, a towering stack going back to February 1984, and tabulated the 100 publications we’ve cited most often through the years. We’re happy to report that 82 of these great reads are still in business. (The final issue date of those dearly departed is listed in parentheses.)

1. The Nation
America’s oldest weekly magazine, delivering a progressive perspective on politics, the arts, and social currents since 1865. (New York)

2. In These Times
A national biweekly with smart coverage of international affairs, labor, social movements, electoral politics and popular culture from a left-of-center vantage point. (Chicago)

3. The Village Voice
The original urban alternative weekly, the Voice has helped shape American culture through six decades with its authoritative views on music, film, politics, feminism, gay culture, and life in New York City. (New York)

4. The Progressive
Kindling the flame of progressive populism since 1909, this monthly offers investigative reporting mixed with incisive commentary on the events of the day. (Madison, Wisconsin)

5. Mother Jones
Strong writing, stirring photography, and dogged investigative reporting characterize this politically-engaged progressive magazine. (San Francisco)