They’re Not Here to Make Friends

| 7/9/2008 11:17:12 AM

The reality TV cliché to end all clichés has got to be, “I’m not here to make friends.” The website FourFour created an amazing montage of more than 3 minutes of the phrase from different shows, to hilarious effect. Watch it:

(Thanks, Fimoculous.)

7/16/2008 10:44:57 PM

To echo Jake, this is Utne Reader, not the Utne Watcher. How about a bit more text and maybe an original idea or two?

Jake Mohan
7/9/2008 3:44:44 PM

This is the Utne Reader, not the Utne Befriender.

Erik Helin_3
7/9/2008 12:47:46 PM

Good God, Brooke!

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