Unfit to Print

The top 10 censored stories of 1995

| July-August 1996

1. The Telecommunications Bill
“Federal Telecommunications Legislation: Impact on Media Concentration,” Ralph Nader, James Love, and Andrew Saindon, Consumer Project on Technology, July 14, 1995.

Bought and paid for by the very telecommunications conglomerates it was supposed to discipline, the Telecom Act is nothing short of a travesty. If Nader’s team is right, the bill will not only encourage further monopoly, but also ultimately increase the cost of making phone calls and watching TV.

2. Balancing the Budget
“Message to Congress: Cut Corporate Welfare: Not Medicare,” John Canham-Clyne, Public Citizen, July/August, 1995.

While the mainstream media focused on the ludicrous battle between President Clinton and Congress over how much to cut social programs to achieve a balanced budget, Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen argued that the books could be balanced by simply slashing “corporate welfare.”

3. Child Labor Is Worse Today
“Working In Harm’s Way,” Ron Nixon, Southern Exposure, Fall/Winter 1995.

Child labor violations are more frequent today than during the 1930s. But as Ron Nixon reports, enforcement of the act is lax, and lobbying efforts by a wide range of business trade organizations “make reform nearly impossible.”