Walrus Magazine Releases a Trailer for Their Cover Story

| 8/21/2009 1:05:55 PM

Walrus trailer

Forget putting video in magazines, it's high time we start putting our magazines in videos! That's what the Walrus did with their dramatic animated trailer for the September 2009 issue. It's a novel idea, and it's also an effective one. I was reading Helen Humphreys on the Plains of Abraham mere seconds after the trailer had ended.

Never heard of the Walrus? They won the 2009 Utne Independent Press Award for Best Writing. It's a fabulous magazine. But why take our word for it when you can hear it from Margaret Atwood, Broken Social Scene, Atom Egoyan, and Geddy Lee? They're all together (at last?) in another little video called  Why We Need the Walrus.

Source: Walrus


8/24/2009 5:07:37 AM

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Tom Hendricks
8/22/2009 11:11:41 AM

The internet is changing everything. I wish the Walrus well. But I also note there is more emphasis on new gizmos than the contents. There seems to be a lot of progressive media, but few if any are covering the revolution in music, painting, arts, etc., or the new artists, or the advocacy groups for the revolution, or why these media sources refuse to cover it. I wish them well, but hope they do more than say one thing and do another like most media sources do.

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