The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.07.11


Utne Reader Red LogoSure, we love our laptops and iPads, but they’ll never have the romance of a typewriter. Check out this gallery of authors and their beloved machines.


A cultural history of the river baptism.


It was announced yesterday that later this year, Glenn Beck will end his show on Fox. Sojourners—one of Beck’s progressive targets over the years because of their radical idea that Christians could be and should be committed to social justice—has rounded up a number of their responses to the blubbering, bullying Beck.


4/9/2011 1:31:02 PM

It's horrible what's happening in Wisconsin right now. It makes me so angry! I was watching FSTV and found a great interview with Amitabh Pal where he's talking about this corruption. It's really interesting; you guys should watch it. Here's the url:

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