The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.17.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This week's collection includes award-winning Tweets, your iPad's big fat carbon footprint, and the story behind all those bodies in Ben Franklin's basement.

CISPA Offers Choice between Security and Liberty

By Suzanne Lindgren

A cybersecurity bill limits freedom and causes public outcry.

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.10.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This link collection includes Google's proposed paywall, toothpick San Francisco, and the charms of our most beloved sociopaths...

Facebook, Privacy, and Social Norms

by Sam Ross-Brown

Laws on digital privacy largely predate the Internet. We need to rethink them...


The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.03.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This link collection includes stories on American education, guerrilla gardening, and what the Titanic has to do with modern radio...

My Advice to the New Editor of “Utne Reader”

By Eric Utne

Eric Utne shares his advice to the new editorial staff of “Utne Reader,” from straying neither left nor right in coverage to capturing emerging culture.

Deep Green Cuts: Reading Tree Rings

By Stephen Messenger, from “Treehugger”

Tree rings reveal a tree’s lifespan and growth cycles, but a new record player can translate the tree slices into piano music.

Music Review: Colombe

By Michael Dregni

The David Reinhardt Trio explores new territory in contemporary jazz guitar on an album as soulful as it is rapturous.