Sustainability's Dark Side: Crockpot 07.06.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

The demand for biofuels is bad news for poor farmers in Guatemala.

Mark Twain, Exploding Cows, and the Unabomber - Crockpot 05.22.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

Why Colorado's cows just won't explode properly, plus Mark Twin's delicious sarcasm.

Why the Climate Change Debate Makes No Sense - Crockpot 05.09.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This link collection includes sexist breakfast cereal, canine brain scans, and why bilingualism is so awesome.

The Floating Wind Turbine Project That Could - Crockpot 04.24.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This link collection includes panning for gold in the cosmos, postmodern playgrounds, and the lost spirituality of enjoyment.


The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.17.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This week's collection includes award-winning Tweets, your iPad's big fat carbon footprint, and the story behind all those bodies in Ben Franklin's basement.

CISPA Offers Choice between Security and Liberty

By Suzanne Lindgren

A cybersecurity bill limits freedom and causes public outcry.

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.10.12

by Sam Ross-Brown

This link collection includes Google's proposed paywall, toothpick San Francisco, and the charms of our most beloved sociopaths...

Facebook, Privacy, and Social Norms

by Sam Ross-Brown

Laws on digital privacy largely predate the Internet. We need to rethink them...

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