In Search of Slow Media

by Will Wlizlo

Can 10-hour-long YouTube videos and 1,000-year-long songs cure our media overconsumption?...

Eliot Spitzer Wants to Prosecute News Corp.

by David Doody

According to the former NY governor the facts in the News Corp. scandal have already violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and therefore the Department of Justice needs to investigate...  

Afghan Women Take to the Page

by Staff, Utne Reader

Negah-e-Zan is Kabul’s first magazine fighting for women’s empowerment...

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 07.07.11

by Staff

This week: green scams, dirty water, toxic strawberrys, and more...


The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 06.30.11

by Staff

This week’s link collection includes writing in exile, wastefully informative infographics, and Fink Ployd... Gets a Makeover

by David Doody

Utne Reader launches a social-curated real-time magazine to accompany a cleaner, more user-friendly site layout...

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 06.23.11

by Staff

This week’s link collection includes Billy Collins Action Poetry, 10 ways to reduce food waste, and Sarah Palin’s remarkably lucid prose...

Confessions of a Mercenary Writer

by Will Wlizlo

Oliver Miller wrote 10 articles every night for 10 months for AOL. They paid him 8 cents per word...