The War Lovers

by Peter Van Buren

Why it feels so good to be embedded with the U.S. military...

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 05.12.11

by Staff

This week’s link roundup includes Newt Gingrich’s extreme rhetoric, Noam Chomsky on bin Laden’s death, a lightning storm in slow motion, and more…  

Search and Destroy

by David Doody

How Google’s search algorithm continues to change the world of journalism…  

The Difference Between You and a Journalist

by David Doody

Writer Calvin Trillin talks to Columbia Journalism Review about his latest book, writing in the moment, and the difference between journalists and everyone else…  


The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 05.05.11

by Staff

This week: a decade of bin Laden-based longform journalism, Chainsaw Samaritans, Disney World’s internship program, and more…  

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.28.11

by Staff

This week’s link collection includes Superman’s citizenship, a bicycle wine rack, 9/11 as cultural litmus test, and more...

Editor's Note

by David Schimke

The people who are most likely to engage in conversations about the future of media routinely fail to talk about what matters most: content...

The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 04.21.11

by Staff

This week Utne Reader's Crockpot link round up includes Bolivian eco-friendly legislation, space tea, Dan Savage, 50-meter-long jellyfish, and much more...

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