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The Need for Increased Press Subsidies

By Robert W. McChesney

U.S. press subsidies have greatly diminished in the past century as more democratic nations continue to fund free press at a much higher per capita rate.

Winter 2014 Utne Reader Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Winter 2014

Ray Johnson: The Zen Master of the Social Network

By Tim Keane, special to Utne Reader

A closer look at the mystifying correspondence art of Ray Johnson.


Forsaken Handwritten Letters

By Soli Salgado

A text message may be fast, and an email may be efficient—but there’s nothing quite like the patience to a personalized letter.

Cocaturismo: How Cocaine in Colombia Became a Tourist Attraction

By Magnus Linton, translated by John Eason

After Pablo Escobar's death, Medellín became even more steeped in the drug trade. Now, cocaine in Colombia has infiltrated every aspect of the culture, even to the point of attracting rich tourists seeking a thrill.

Transparency, Big Data and Internet Activism

By Micah L. Sifry

Internet activism—and internet democracy—depend on accessible public meeting spaces online. So why are there so few of them?

Fall 2014 Utne Reader Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Fall 2014

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