Lose the 24-Hour News

By Peter Laufer

Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, Peter Laufer advocates for a critical look at the 24-hour news cycle that provides “fast-food-like empty-calories news.”

Aspen, Pop-Up, and the Multimedia Magazine

By Gwen Allen, from Art Papers

When reading a magazine becomes a communal event.

The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism

by Anya Schiffrin

If you’re a reader with access to the internet, you’re living in a new golden age of investigative journalism.

Ferguson Spurs Hashtag Activism

By Katie Moore

Social media reacts to the killing of Mike Brown.


The Blackfish Backlash

By Katie Moore

The documentary is negatively impacting ticket sales at SeaWorld.

Photography’s Ethical Qualms

By Katie Moore

There's a fine line between what is gratuitous and what is reality.

A New Section at the Bookstore

By Katie Moore

‘Cli-fi’ is an emerging genre that merges literature's latitude with today's climate change problems.

A Ratings Scale for Documentaries

By Katie Moore

The Participant Index wants to discover which films inspire people to action.

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