2013 Utne Media Awards: The Winners

by Staff

The editors of Utne Reader select the winners of the 2013 Utne Media Awards.

Social Networking for a Better World

by Sam Ross-Brown

The rise of corporate-owned social media raises many flags about our online security and the future of the digital commons. The solution, says theorist Michael Albert, is a different kind of network altogether.  

Digital Public Library of America Goes Live

by Cat Johnson

The April launch of the Digital Public Library of America brings the knowledge-sharing we love about local libraries to the internet.

April 2013 Roundup: Social Change, DIY Science, and Too Much Stuff

by Sam Ross-Brown

Some of our best online-only content from the month of April 2013.


The Myth of Journalism's Golden Age

by Todd Gitlin

From the Vietnam War to credit default swaps to climate change, how American journalism brought crisis on itself.

2013 Utne Media Awards: The Nominees

by Christian Williams

The editorial staff of Utne Reader nominates 36 outstanding independent publications and websites for the 2013 Utne Media Awards.

Can Kenya’s DVD Pirates Help Heal the Nation?

By Suzanne Lindgren

Amidst rising ethnic tensions over the coming Kenyan elections, one filmmaker sends his message of healing through a well-established network of DVD pirates.

Live in a News Desert? Join the Banyan Project!

By Staff, Utne Reader

The decline of newspapers has created countless underserved “news deserts” in need of coverage. Through a cooperative model, the Banyan Project aims to help.