The Power of Activist Journalism

by Ken Butigan

Taking a cue form Martin Luther King, activists like Terry Messman have harnessed the potential of narrative to guide struggle and illuminate solutions.

Pleased to Meet the Facebook Version of You

By Dan Kennedy, from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

While the real you is petty and vaguely racist, the Facebook version of you endorses multicultural organizations and believes in life as a shared path.

Representations of Africa: The White Correspondent’s Burden

By Jina Moore, from Boston Review

Representations of Africa in western journalism tend to obscure moral ambiguities and nuance in favor of simplified stories and objectifying compassion narratives.

Culture is Not a Crime: 10 Years of Creative Commons

by Paul M. Davis

For a full decade, Creative Commons has been at the center of a movement to make digital culture open and accessible.


Gimme the Loot: A History of Digital Piracy

By Gavin Mueller, from Jacobin

What the history of digital piracy tells us about intellectual property, copyright law, and the digital pirates of today.

The Death and Life of the Times-Picayune Newspaper

By Chris Rose, from Oxford American

In this ode to New Orleans’ Times-Picayune newspaper, Chris Rose unearths the implications of moving from print to online publication.

Oprah, Beyoncé, and Truth

By Suzanne Lindgren

Utne Reader Visionary Alexis Pauline Gumbs considers what it is possible to know about the most famous Black women alive today.

Farewell, M.G.H. Gilliam

M.G.H. Gilliam

After 30 years, the founder and publisher of Orion magazine steps down.