Above All, We Want to Be Healed

| 3/13/2008 2:09:11 PM

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prayer boardThe interfaith organization Unity prays 24-7 for anyone who requests it—and of two million annual requests, 30 percent are for “healing” reports Spirituality & Health (free registration required). Healing includes physical, emotional, and spiritual repair, so it’s hardly shocking that it ranks as most-popular petition. All the same, higher-minded pursuits do seem to weigh more heavily among our prayer-time priorities: Appeals for “divine order” snag 9 percent of requests, whereas “peace of mind” grabs 5.6 percent. The more material pursuits of “prosperity” and “success/achievement” account for only 3 and 2.9 percent respectively.

Julie Hanus

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connie sexton
3/25/2008 11:09:58 AM

I've always found the people at Unity's prayerline to be amazingly supportive. I do not remember being put on hold, but maybe I was just lucky. And I never felt they were just reading from a script (although I suspect they have standard written responses to the standard problems) but listening to me and helping me top get over myself for a few minutes. And they do ask for your name and address so they can send you literature, but I don't remember them ever asking me right then for a donation. In any event I always feel better after talking to them and when I have money, I give them some, thankfully.

3/21/2008 3:26:47 PM

I was on the board at my local Unity church after going to the church for 15 years; I was do disgusted by the behavior and the members of the board towards a parishioner they were trying to kick out of the church I quit the board and the church. The church was not being operated in my opinion in accordance the unity principles that I had heard preached there for years. I always liked the prayer line, though.

3/21/2008 11:42:07 AM

In response to Diana's post: There are many paths toward healing, and not every path will resonate with every person. What is interesting to me is how when a service is provided free, and at the end of the giving the recipient is asked if they might give a donation to support that same service being provided to others- that they manage to be offended.

3/17/2008 2:46:06 PM

Unity uses the prayer line as a blatant ploy for filling their coffers! My experience with the Unity Prayer Line: I was in love. First man I'd been with in 10 years. I felt like a virgin, only I knew the ropes and chains -- or at least the important moves. Anyway, I'd spent those 10 years alone seeking the authentic Me. And I found me: I love me; I like me; I'm the tiger's roar -- that's bigger than the cat's meow. I worked through all those co-dependency issues too. I read Co-dependent No More and Beyond Co-Dependent No More. I highlighted and underlined and wrote comments sideways in margins and reread important parts. I wrote in a journal; I cried; I meditated; I chanted. I was holy; I was wise; I was healed! -- I thought. After breaking up with my love for the third time in eighteen months, let's call him -- Turd, I decided that I needed more than a therapist. Therapy had been helpful but I was still crying, not every day any more but too much and this was definitely not the worst thing that had ever happened to me. T didn't deserve this amount of grieving. So I met with a psychologist who's group I thought I might join. In 15 minutes, the doctor got it. In those 10 years, I had worked over co-dependency, but I'd just removed myself from everyone. I hadn't conquered the issues. I'd crawled up, down, around and through them, but I was my only adversary -- I was the co-dependent and the addict. Only I'm not that tough an addict, except with chocolate and I have no desire for recovery from that vice. Well, Dr. Fix-it didn't want me in the group – talk about rejection. Maybe, though, it had something to do with me crying throughout the 48 minute session. Anyway, he suggested Al-Anon, which I will go to as soon as I've got this all figured out – you know, when I no longer need it. A month later, after exchanging 58 emails, 23 phone calls, after picking up a CD of our photos and d

3/14/2008 12:35:51 PM

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