Andrew Sullivan on Being Gay and Catholic

| 11/16/2009 2:57:32 PM

LGBT Catholics with banner at London Gay Pride parade in 2004

Responding to a post by conservative Catholic Rod Dreher at Beliefnet, who asks why gay Catholics don't leave the church, Atlantic writer and blogger Andrew Sullivan engages Dreher in that rarest of acts: a nuanced discussion of the Catholic experience:

I wore an ACT-UP t-shirt to communion once, but that was the limit of my daring. I am not a gay Catholic at Mass. I am a Catholic. The issue of eros is trivial in the face of consecration, prayer and meditation.

I write about it because I feel a need to bear witness as a gay Christian in a painful time, but mainly because I want to argue for a civil change in civil society. But it is in no ways central to my faith. It is peripheral to the Gospels, is unmentioned in the mass, and I try to focus on the liturgy and prayer and to take in as much of the sermon as is safe for my intellectual composure.

That's just an excerpt. Be sure to read all of Sullivan's post: On Remaining Catholic .

Sources: Beliefnet, The Daily Dish 

Image by lhar, licensed under Creative Commons.

Wynn Wagner_1
4/19/2010 1:53:55 PM

Note to Ratzinger: thanks for apologizing over the weekend in Malta, but the current purge of gay seminarians won't solve anything. Three of your priests raped me when I was a kid, and 100% of them were heterosexual. The problem isn't that you guys are ordaining gay priests. The problem is that you are ordaining heterosexual predators. Until you fix that, your problems don't go away, and I get no closure.

1/31/2010 10:33:31 AM

I am also a Gay Catholic; we have to accept the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Pope. It is wrong to fight the Church it is following the teachings of Christ. We have the option to be Gay and chaste and in communion with the Church or have a sexual relationship and distance our self from the Church. That is our choice. I am aware it is difficult the only other option is to be heterosexual.

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