Christopher Hitchens Represents the Devil Pro Bono

| 3/3/2009 12:48:22 PM

Christopher HitchensYou’ve got to hand it to atheist champion Christopher Hitchens for going out and engaging with his ideological foes. Ever since the 2005 release of his best-selling book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, Hitchens has been publicly debating Christian speakers on the existence of God. In advance of his latest bout—a March 3 face-off with Oxford University professor John Lennox at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama—Hitchens spoke about his atheistic, er, crusade with Greg Garrison at the Birmingham News.

Hitchens is in fine, feisty form in the interview. Here a few highlights:

On the God question: “There is not another greater topic. It’s the first question humanity began to ask itself. Religion was our first attempt to make sense of things.”

On Mother Teresa: “I was invited by the Vatican to testify against her, and did. I’m the only person who’s represented the devil pro bono.”

On the sincerity and depth of Christian belief in America: “A lot of people go to church for reasons that are not strictly theological.”

On the success of his book: “There’s a big thirst for a reply to the theocratic bullying that’s been going on. There are a lot of people of faith buying it on a ‘know your enemy’ basis.”

Mark Zennant
3/15/2009 10:54:43 AM

You know what stupid, Christopher Hitchens, you're the one poisoning everything. Definitely you're the very stupid critic that I have known all my life. And you know what if you're a kid I could keep on trying to understand you, but not. You're just a freaking moron who thinks that he did good, he already change the world, oh men, no! you're just a stupid dirty bastard who create noise out of nothing. Even mother teresa, you're accssing her. Just take a good look at her pictures over the web, look further, open your eyes. She does'nt even have a very nice clothes, shoes to wear, just the same thing over and over, even on her funeral, just the same thing. She just spend her whole life through serving, and what have you done, you're poisoning many with you're fucking accusations. Better attend some tough psycology class. freaking dirty stupid bastard.

Mark Zennant
3/15/2009 10:19:19 AM

You freaking fucking stupid moron. Hey man, just stop talking bullshit, specifically when you talked about somebody concerning or inside the church. Talked something really great if yoou've just done someting good, if you already change the world,you always talked rubbish, the hell with you. Even those people who've done tremendouse things just to extend help and care for others, you still have a lot of stupid comments. Maybe you just need to put yourself in their shoes. I think a man is better who did something at the very best they could, who done something than the man who sits and keeps on talking bullshit, stupid comments.

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