Oops Upside the House!


Fallen tree

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Tree Killer

Hi Tim,

I’m a man, 26, living with my girlfriend in a house and our driveway is beside the neighbor’s driveway with a row of 30 feet-or-so pine trees in between them. I work at night and I’d only slept about 30 minutes before work one night, so I ran out to the car and wasn’t paying attention. I plowed right into one of the trees and even though it made the most awful crashing sound, my car wasn’t badly damaged and a mark was barely noticeable on the tree. I noticed the neighbors were gone, forgot about it, and then a few days later we had a terrible storm. Our yards and driveways were flooded and sitting in water for about three days. The morning after the storm, the tree I hit was lying on the neighbor’s garage! Most of the roots came out with it and there was severe roof damage. The tree is on their lot but I hit it only days before! I want to say something but could my accident have caused this one?

- Tree Killer

Hi (Alleged) Tree Killer,

3/13/2015 2:32:45 PM

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