Deliver Us from OPEC

| 7/16/2008 11:17:08 AM

Godly GasAs gas prices continue to skyrocket, members of the Pray at the Pump movement are looking towards the heavens for salvation. The British newspaper Telegraph reports that members of the First Church of Seventh-day Adventists are organizing prayer vigils at gas stations around the US, asking for divine salvation from the high oil prices. The movement’s founder, Rocky Twyman, claims that after one particularly large vigil in Ohio, the price of oil dropped in Toledo by 30 cents. The article did not, however, report on any plans for services surrounding John McCain’s proposed “gas tax holiday.”

Image adapted from photos by Infrogmation and Gabriel Ullmann, licensed under Creative Commons.

7/17/2008 9:55:59 AM

Looks like we Americans have created another excuse for Europeans to think we're crazy. (I just talked to a Frenchman last night who told me "American social policy is in the dark ages," but he lives here because he likes the big houses. And the Grand Canyon.) The founder of the Pray at the Pump movement IS asking political leaders as well as God for lower prices, but he's targeting the Saudi Arabian oil minister to "have compassion for America's poor at this time" instead of appealing to American officials. Praying at the pump and petitioning foreign officials to lower prices in your own country--you have to hand it to this guy for employing innovative protest tactics. -Lisa Gulya

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