Christian Goth Culture Online

| 11/28/2007 1:43:26 PM

Goth culture often elicits memories of moody, black-clad teenagers skulking through high school hallways.  Devout religious practice and belief doesn’t fit easily with the stereotype. Maybe Satanism, but certainly not Christianity.

Gothic Christian youth are out there, though, worshiping Jesus from beneath their dark makeup. The fall issue of Geez (article not available online) points readers toward the strong presence that gothic Christians have on the web. Even the website names illuminate their dark form of religion:,,, and among them.

Most of the sites focus on practicing Christianity rather than gothic culture. An overarching theme seems to be a search for acceptance, and a belief that God doesn’t judge based on image. According to, “Christ died for everyone, even Gothic people. God doesn’t look at the outer appearance, only the heart.” —Sarah Pumroy 

Archangel Azrael_2
11/2/2009 7:36:22 PM

Goth is a music and fashion thing, not a religion-based lifestyle. Everyone can be in black, wear dark lipstick, walk wearing combat boots and still hang out at churches. Saviour Machine pulled off that mind-changing stunt when they popped up in the music scene. I love Jesus, i love GOD, i love Heaven, everything. Yes, i sin, but at least, my faith in them is powerful. The norm rarely sees what's within a Goth kid. Notions and statements that conclude Goth as a lifestyle concerning Satanism is greatly idiotic and literal. Yes, there are indeed Satanic Goth people, but there are Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists involved in the scene. I'm a Roman Catholic, and my dumb 14-year-old classmates don't see that. They are even more demonic than the way i look. Satanism and Anti-Christian ways of life are promoted in the Black Metal scene. If Goths are indeed Satanic, we are not the only ones....this also says that there are many Christian Goths, the same as those who are Christians wo are non-Goths.

10/23/2009 12:04:59 PM

Answers Continued: I'm new here and ran out of space I guess, two more answers: My parent did not choose this for me, my mother was a hardcore Christian zealot which turned me AWAY from Christianity, and she hated gothism, felt it was Satanic and gave me grief over it. Now I don't answer to her or anyone like her. I have one child that is not goth, and the other child thinks and behaves like me very naturally. I let them be who they are and walk the road they choose. I hope this helps the curious. Best regards

10/23/2009 12:00:16 PM

For those of you who have aseked questions about gothism, I will try to answer them from my perspective as much as I can. First of all Gothism is not a religion. It is a lifestyle that is different in many aspects and does not condemn anyone. There are satanic goths, christian goths and all sorts in between. Just like being a cowboy is not a religion but a subculture. As for holidays, I personally shun Christmas because it is steeped in paganism that has nothing to do with Jesus, and is admittedly not his brithday to begin with. It is a collection of rituals that in modern times centers around the get way of live and commercialism more than anything. I was always gothic, I didn't choose it. I had oddball tastes and interests as well as tendencies from birth. I actually began doing certain things and found that all others who did them fell under the definition of Goth. I love black clothing, victorianism, goth music, candles, and a long list of other things. As for the challenges, I don't hide being gothic. I wear jewelry and clothing all the time, including a black jacket with velvet and a black rose ring. People can like it or not, it is me. I get compliments, persecution and ridicule, but I have no use for the conformity rules of society. I live for me, not for someone who will see me for 15 seconds, then move on with his life. I get looked at oddly and called mentally ill, satanic, childish and immature, but I laugh most of it off.

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