How to Have a Shareable Thanksgiving

| 11/21/2012 3:06:05 PM


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Ahh, Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to community, abundance and gratitude. In an ideal world, this could be the theme of every day, but we all know how it goes: life is a fast-moving train and expressions of gratitude oftentimes get left at the station. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to give thanks and to give back. Below are some ideas for having a community-driven, gratitude-inducing, Shareable Thanksgiving.

Share Food  

Invite people you'd like to get to know better to share a Thanksgiving meal. How to Host a Stranger Dinner offers advice on how to organize it.

Put your meal to music, throw a Thanksgiving concert in your home. How to Host a House Concert provides the how-to’s.

Meals on Wheels serves over one million meals a day to seniors in need. Volunteer to deliver to someone in your community.

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