| 6/4/2014 11:00:00 AM

gay pride

Tim White, PhD, LPC, NCC offers advice on family planning and parenting, LGBT issues, disability issues, education and work issues, relationships, ethics and "unusual" social issues. Send questions to Tim for future columns through his website

Hi Tim,
My Mother-in-Law has been causing lots of drama in our lives. I know how typical and cliché it must sound to complain about the mother-in-law but this woman is certifiable. She calls my husband and tells her how horrible her life is and how mistreated she is by her "boyfriend." She has asked to come live with us and my husband and I have agreed that this is not a possibility as we are in school, work full-time, and are still getting our life together as husband and wife.

She calls and continues to drop hints about coming to live with us without directly asking. He tries to divert the conversation elsewhere but then she tells he own son that "maybe I should just take a bunch of pills and go to sleep." I've asked him to stand up to her and not put up with that behavior but he doesn't feel it's worth it.

To finish it all off, we recently found out that she's been telling my husband's sister and her family how horrible I am with ridiculous lies. All of this is very troubling especially when I see my husband withdrawal and become depressed after these phone calls.

I want to be supportive in every way I can and my "mama bear" instincts are screaming at me to talk to her myself and call her out on her nonsense. Any advice you have would be very appreciated.

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