It's My Panties and I'll Sit If I Want To



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Hi Tim,

I’m a man, 23, college grad starting a good career and living with my girlfriend for a year now. I’m also small framed, very short and lightweight. This was difficult growing up but I’ve accepted it. My girlfriend doesn’t mind and even asked me to wear her underwear once because she thought it was sexy. I guess it was, but I actually liked wearing them and I’ve since bought several pairs of my own. The silk and lace just feel better to me during the day. Unfortunately, urinals aren’t completely private in some places and there are obvious design differences, so I started peeing sitting down, in a stall and found out I prefer that too! It just feels more natural for me. I want to be clear that I’m 100% straight, not effeminate and I’m not transgender but also have no problems with people who are like that. I was born in the correct body because I identify as a man. But, this man likes to wear panties and pee sitting down! There’s nothing sexual about it, only comfort.  My girlfriend found the underwear and asked me about it, but once she understood it was mine didn’t even care. She comes from a very liberal family; mine would lose it over something like this. Is this healthy behavior? Why am I like this?

- Lacey Lad

Hi Lacey Lad,

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