Mallika Chopra Blogs with Intent

| 11/3/2008 11:50:55 AM


The new website is like the Huffington Post of the metaphysical realm, offering an online repository of mindful living writing. Started by Mallika Chopra, an entrepreneur and Deepak Chopra’s daughter, the site’s brand represents an amorphous mélange of business motivation, self-help, and Eastern spirituality. The site breaks down into the squishy categories of Health, Relationships, Success, Balance, Causes, Planet, and Spirit.

As the cornerstone of, bloggers state their intent (“To laugh out loud every day!”“Not to over indulge in candy or booze tonight!”To recognize and share the presence of life’s magic”) and users can register to add their own intents or to affirm others.

The site isn’t simply an unmitigated orgy of loving-kindness, however. Yesterday, Deepak Chopar posted an overtly political video blog about John McCain entitled, “War Hero or War Criminal, Who Decides?” In fact, there’s a generous dose of political content, most of it pro-Obama and against California’s Prop-8. There are also the sorts of diverting anecdotal pieces that wouldn’t be out of place at Slate, Salon, or, well, HuffPo.

Randy Stockton
11/6/2008 8:14:37 PM

Thanks, Ralph. That is all that needed to be said. Randy Stockton

Ralph Marshall
11/6/2008 2:19:53 PM

It is actually disturbing to see a media empire being built on the teachings of Buddhism. It is no small coincidence that Deepak Chopra is turning out a family of 'entrepeneurs'. He personally has made a lot of money on the teachings of Buddha and what could be better than one engine of wealth than an entire family of engines. That is his right to do, of course, but to do it on the promise of selling happiness is completely counter to Buddha's intent. Happiness is free for all; it exists inside of all; it can only be given away and not sold. If it is attempted to be marketed, a red flag goes up to indicate cynicism, hypocrisy and a sinister spirit. Towards his defense, I admit that I have never met the man and this is not a attack on him personally. But early in my twenties I ran across Nichiren Buddhism ( which was giving happiness away and then ran into Scientology which was 'selling' happiness by purposefully working on my fears and guilts. That is cynical and sinister and I sense a similar direction here.

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