The Best of Body and Spirit

| 4/29/2011 10:31:09 AM


Our library contains 1,300 publications—a feast of magazines, journals, alt-weeklies, newsletters, and zines—and every year, we honor the stars in our Utne Independent Press Awards. We’ll announce this year’s winners on Wednesday, May 18, at the MPA’s Independent Magazine Group conference in San Francisco. From now until then, we’ll post the nominees in all of the categories on our blogs. Below you’ll find the nominees for the best body/spirit coverage, with a short introduction to each. These magazines are literally what Utne Reader is made of. Though we celebrate the alternative press every day and with each issue, once a year we praise those who have done an exceptional job.  

First published in 1884 as the Christian Oracle, The Christian Century epitomizes what it means to think critically and live faithfully, asking readers to turn a thoughtful eye toward world hunger, immigration, AIDS work, health-care reform, and other issues of great import to all of us—whatever our faith.


Progressive Christianity has come to and gone from American life in the 86 years Commonweal has been giving voice to it. From its pacifist declarations during World War II to the battles over sexual orientation in our time, Commonweal has been a beacon.


Samantha Casey
5/11/2011 5:36:06 PM

In light of Sojourners recent refusal of Believe Out Louds Welcome ad (, I ask that you rescind their nomination. No organization that talks about including marginalized groups, yet deems welcoming gay families into their congregations as too controversial to 'take sides on' can be deemed progressive. And no publication which supports them can really be considered forward thinking.

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