Overloading God’s Servers

| 10/27/2009 2:16:03 PM

Atheists v. GodOn Sunday, November 8, atheists will launch a coordinated prayer attack against God. Nonbelievers around the world will hurl a bevy of meaningless prayers at God, coordinated by Facebookin an effort to inundate God’s prayer receptors and force them offline. The offensive is based on the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that have been staged against IranGeorgia, and the Global Atheist Convention website.

In true nonbeliever fashion, athiest blogger PZ Myers responded, “I won't be able to join in, because whatever I have planned for that time, whatever it may be, will be far more interesting and productive than babbling to an invisible man.” A commenter on the Facebook page gave his RSVP as, “i'm probably gonna forget, but if i don't, sure.”

If any prayers go unanswered on November 8, this coordinated attack could be the reason why.

(Thanks, Net Effect.)

Source: Facebook 

Image by gruntzooki, licensed under Creative Commons.

10/31/2009 7:51:17 PM

Are all christians as gullible as you folks?

10/31/2009 7:50:24 PM

I cannot believe how friggin' GULLIBLE you faithful people are! Unbelievably stupid of you to believe this tripe!

Deborah Dessaso
10/30/2009 8:27:43 PM

G.K. Chesterton was right...without God, there would be no atheists!!!

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