Lockup Taken Lightly


Hands in jail

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Hi Tim,

I’m a woman, 32, and due to a non-violent offense that was the result of youthful stupidity, I spent two years incarcerated from age 25 to 27. I did my time, turned my life around and got a degree, now I have a good job and a fiancée I’ve lived with for the past year. He’s great, no complaints except for maybe a lack of sensitivity. He, like so many other people I know, is hooked on Orange is the New Black, with full-on updates and shared quotes every time we have company. Despite his efforts to recruit me, I have not watched it. I’m sure it is a quality show and all that. But having been in a real prison will kill the enthusiasm for this show really fast. My experience was not witty and thought-provoking; it was traumatic and at times violent. Mostly, it was depressing, day in and day out with no relief. I don’t want to be reminded of it, no matter how awesome the writing happens to be, and I feel like I’ll have to issue the dreaded ultimatum over his fangirling on this show! Or maybe you can give me an alternative?

- Not Laughing About Lock-up

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