The Healing Power of Law

A growing number of attorneys are now embracing a holistic practice

| May-June 1999

A growing number of attorneys are embracing a "holistic" practice, looking at "the relationship between the cause, the cure, and the healing." As Bill van Zyverden, founder and president of the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers (IAHL) tells Yoga Journal (Jan.-Feb. 1999), crises and conflicts can be seen as growth opportunities—for the client and the attorney. "The holistic lawyer challenges clients to define their responsibility in the matter, asking hard questions to find out how the conflict arose and what deeper meaning it represents," van Zyverden explains. Since IAHL was founded in 1991, its membership has grown to include 640 members in 17 countries. The group publishes a quarterly newsletter and a membership directory, offers a referral service, and sponsors seminars, conferences, and workshops.

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