What Does Jesus Look Like?

| 1/29/2008 11:53:54 AM

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Christ the RedeemerThe spirituality website Beliefnet is running a series of images, uploaded by their readers, of what Jesus looks like. The images run the gamut, from the bloodied Christ on the cross to the more ethereal Jesus in the heavens. There’s even one of a beefy Jesus actually breaking the cross.

After viewing the images, I couldn’t help thinking of a piece by William C. White from Law & Politics, published in the Jan.-Feb. issue of Utne Reader. As a young child, White tried to impress his kindergarten teacher by drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross. Here’s my favorite part:

The drawing nearly gives me goose bumps. But something is missing. Then it occurs to me. Having observed my father doing his calisthenics, with his arms raised above his head, I realize the vital piece of verisimilitude that is needed. I search the stadium-like rows of crayons and locate the brown. I begin to apply hair to the underarms of our Lord.

Bennett Gordon