Dear White on White People Jokers

| 8/13/2014 2:32:00 PM

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Whites are Jerky

Hi Tim,
I am a White girl, 22 and see friends who are also White on social media all the time, posting or sharing white people jokes. Should that be offensive to me? I don’t joke about other races and cultures. I can understand why other ethnicities would tell these jokes. But how is it hip and cool for Whites to make fun of themselves? I ignored the first 100 or so jokes, memes and even anti-White slurs, but this creeps me out now and I am not completely sure why. Any ideas?

—Whites are Jerky

Dear Whites are Jerky,
I see your point. If ethnocentric majority members usurp humor from minority groups, how is that not misappropriating culture? It stands to reason that would be exactly the sort of behavior an entitled and oppressive group would demonstrate!