Your Brain Might Be a Radio

How "fantastic" stories unlock the nature of consciousness.

| Fall 2014

"The greatest taboo among serious intellectuals of the century just behind us, in fact, proved to be none of the 'transgressions' itemized by postmodern thinkers: It was, rather, the heresy of challenging a materialist worldview."

—Victoria Nelson, The Secret Life of Puppets (2001)


SCENE 1. Mark Twain was famous for mocking every orthodoxy and convention, including, it turns out, the conventions of space and time. As he relates the events in his diaries, Twain and his brother Henry were working on the riverboat Pennsylvania in June 1858. While they were in port in St. Louis, the writer had a dream:

“In the morning, when I awoke I had been dreaming, and the dream was so vivid, so like reality, that it deceived me, and I thought it was real. In the dream I had seen Henry a corpse. He lay in a metallic burial case. He was dressed in a suit of my clothing, and on his breast lay a great bouquet of flowers, mainly white roses, with a red rose in the centre.”

Twain awoke, got dressed, and prepared to go view the casket. He was walking to the house where he thought the casket lay before he realized “that there was nothing real about this—it was only a dream.”

10/10/2014 11:31:52 AM

Great article! There are more questions than answers about all this. That the knowledge we seek is not accessible by the means with which we seek it, is a key point. Things are unknowable unless we know the context in which to study them. "Science," is not equipped to study psychic or consciousness phenomenon. However, we can individually, experientially, experience such phenomenon, and share with others. We can then begin to achieve a modicum of validation, and strengthen this other, more primal and existential way of knowing. Constant invalidation kills that capacity for knowing in this way.

10/3/2014 11:31:15 AM

The real point about consciousness and why it has not been studied is that the rulers of this place---and the rulers are not necessarily the government in all cases---don't want you to know who you really are. vonNeumann in 1934 wrote a book in 1934 connecting Consciousness and Quantum Physics--that book got suppressed and hidden by the rulers for years--only glimpses of that book have surfaced in the last few years--and the rulers have waged a constant battle to disparage, discredit and destroy anyone who starts getting close to the truth about consciousness and who all of us really are--we are way more than a collection of organic components as the rulers would have us believe--it is convenient and cheap to control us with these limiting thoughts about ourselves. Good news is that the physics of this place is changing--the rulers will no longer be able to control us because our radios will be turned on and consciousness flows with knowledge witll be turned on in the next few years. The rulers will not be able to control us any longer. Hopefully, articles like this will make you aware of the first signs that your radio is activating and the first faint signals begin to uncover the lies the rulers of this place and the truth of who you really are.

9/29/2014 4:02:46 PM

Mr. Kripal may be on to something here. There is an increasing body of evidence that the essence of the universe is not matter but rather Consciousness. In this view matter is merely a kind of recrudescence on a much vaster underlying reality somewhat like the skin upon an apple. In this view our brains do not generate the mind as the Materialists would have; rather our minds are local vortexes of the vaster underlying consciousness and we are thus, as the Buddha said, all just one. The illusion that we are isolated individuals is just that, an illusion. For more on this potentially paradigm shifting hypothesis one might wish to see Dr. Thomas Campbell's "Theory of Everything"