Mind & Body

MDs Now Prescribe Walking as a Boost to Health

By Jay Walljasper

A compelling reason to keep your New Year’s resolution to be more active.

Christian Theology in a Progress-Driven World

By John Michael Greer

Modern attitudes toward progress share many characteristics with traditional Christian theology.

Learn How to Listen in a Radically Different Way

By Nancy Kline

Apply this listening skill to foster a better environment for ideas.

Appreciating Indigenous Ways of Knowing

By Leigh Ann Henion, from Phenomenal

It’s time we reestablish our connection to a body of wisdom that values millennia of holistic experience and subjective observation.


How to Live: Obtaining Happiness and Well-Being

By Thich Nhat Hanh, from his Mindfulness Essentials Series

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple advice for mindful living.

A National War on Fat & the Value of Young Voices

By Susan Greenhalgh

America’s war on fat has wreaked havoc on its target demographic. Young Americans are now speaking up about the trauma this health-promoting agenda has caused.

Peace of Mind: Spirituality from a Cell

By Dr. Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm

Millions of people meditate daily, but can meditative practices really make us ‘better’ people?

Walking is a Basic Human Right

By Jay Walljasper

National Summit sets strategy to make every American community walkable.