Mind & Body

The Witness

By Paul Kingsnorth, from Tricycle

Opening our eyes to the nature of this earth.

Almost Unendurable Beauty

By Jocelyn Evie, from The Sun

Disregarding the hope for normalcy in order to embrace the twice exceptional.

The Slow Death of Free Time

By Craig Lambert

Author Craig Lambert offers readers a radical look at how unpaid tasks are leaving us more isolated than ever before.


By Tim White

Tim White shares some reader responses to an earlier question from a man with a preference for feminine underwear.


It's My Panties and I'll Sit If I Want To

By Tim White

Tim White reassures a man who prefers wearing panties and peeing sitting down that his preferences are nothing to worry about.

Practicing Contentment

By Michael Finkelstein, M.D.

To find happiness, look into practicing contentment rather than seeking more material wealth.

Not That Book By Nabokov

By Tim White

Tim White advises a man who is concerned about his sister's spending habits to find supportive ways to guide her rather than disparaging her interests.

A Time for Being Sick

by Christian Williams

Finding contentment in the most unlikely places.