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Utne Reader Podcasts - Abstract Notions

Utne Reader editor Christian Williams explores the nature of consciousness through art, culture, and spirituality in the Abstract Notions podcast.

A Good Place for Everyone to Walk

By Jay Walljasper

Movement for health and happiness for low-income families, people of color and immigrants.

Blurred Lines: Boys, Booze and Sexual Boundaries

By Helen Wildfell

The lines dictating sexual boundaries and consent can be blurred when substance is involved and privilege is assumed.

Poisoned by Industrial Pollution

By Dan Fagin

A cancer-ravaged man and his mother work to expose corporate practices of environmental pollution in their town.


Twenty Hours and Ten Minutes of Therapy

By Allison Green, from The Gettysburg Review

Reflections at 50 on being young, scared, and coming out.

The Witness

By Paul Kingsnorth, from Tricycle

Opening our eyes to the nature of this earth.

Almost Unendurable Beauty

By Jocelyn Evie, from The Sun

Disregarding the hope for normalcy in order to embrace the twice exceptional.

The Slow Death of Free Time

By Craig Lambert

Author Craig Lambert offers readers a radical look at how unpaid tasks are leaving us more isolated than ever before.

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